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What is OReGO?

OReGO is Oregon’s revolutionary program that is paving the way to a fair and sustainable funding system for the state's roads and bridges. Participants pay for only the miles they drive after they are credited for gas tax they’ve already paid.

Annual registration fee increases are applied to vehicles in Oregon according to their miles-per-gallon rating. However, vehicle owners may choose to pay smaller, monthly increments of road usage charges to OReGO instead of the higher annual fee. For motorists who enroll with OReGO, registration fee increases are waived and some motorists may save money. Electric vehicle owners can benefit the most from OReGO, as their fees are the highest.

See the tables below for the annual savings you can expect by paying road charges instead of gas tax.

Hybrid/Gas Vehicles*

Fuel tax: $0.36/gal • RUC: 1.8¢/mile

*OReGO is recommended for vehicles with 40 MPG fuel efficiency or higher. Vehicles under 20 MPG are ineligible.

500 annual miles

40 mpg $ (30.25)
50 mpg $ (29.30)

1000 annual miles

40 mpg $ (25.50)
50 mpg $ (23.60)

2000 annual miles

40 mpg $ (16.00)
50 mpg $ (12.20)

3000 annual miles

40 mpg $ (6.50)
50 mpg $ (0.80)

Electric Vehicles

RUC annual mileage

250 miles $00.00
1000 miles $00.00
6000 miles $00.00
12000 miles $00.00

Electric Vehicles

RUC annual mileage

500 miles $ (105.50)
1000 miles $ (96.00)
2000 miles $ (77.00)
3000 miles $ (58.00)
4000 miles $ (39.00)
5000 miles $ (20.00)
6000 miles $ (1.00)

We selected Azuga because of its highly-intuitive, feature-complete, easy-to-use technology that was half the price of competing vendors. Immediately upon installation, Azuga’s telematics and analytics helped identify and reduce driver risk and improve ROI.

Rich Ennis, CEO
Rentokil Steritech

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Customer Reviews

Zachary Hales
Log Auditing & GPS Manager
DeepWell Energy Services, LLC

Excellent Product and Customer Service: The excellent product and ease of installation makes Azuga GPS a fantastic choice for fleet tracking. We have seen a nearly 66% decrease in speeding within a couple months of tracking and reporting.

Gerry Poppe
Waterman Broadcasting

Azuga meets our needs! With AZUGA we can monitor where our reporters are located to enable quick dispatching of staff when news breaks. The alerts keep us notified when driving exceptions occur and we can better manage our staff and fleet when we know what is happening. Having a pulse of our fleet at any given time of the day aids us in getting to the story ahead of our competition.

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