Road Usage Charging

Easy Road Usage Charging – Just Plug And Go

Learn about the Road Usage Charge Program in Your State


Learn about the Road Usage Charge Program in Your State


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Azuga Device Options

Just plug in and go, and the Azuga device will accurately report your road usage for you. Choose between the Basic device (non-GPS, reports miles only) or the Advanced device, which is complete with several extra features such as trip logging, parking locator beacon, geofencing, etc. Right now the Azuga device and extra services are FREE for drivers volunteering in state RUC programs.

Make It A Game

Azuga Insight uses badges that unlock for good driving behavior. Compete with friends and family to see who can unlock the most badges. A great tool for drivers to stay engaged and develop great driving habits.


Azuga Insight provides real-time alerts when your teen drives where he or she shouldn’t. Set up multiple geographic zones and receive notifications when your teen, or any driver using your vehicle, has entered or left areas of concern.


An innovative and fun way to be guided back to your car using your smartphone with step-by-step instructions or a straight-line route. Especially useful when you can’t remember where you parked your car.

Trip Logs*

Azuga Insight’s detailed trip logs remember everywhere you’ve been, so you can share it with friends and get there again. See details about your trips like duration, cost and carbon footprint.

Vehicle Health

Get valuable information about what’s really happening with your vehicle when the Check Engine light goes on.


Using your smartphone GPS, FindItForward is a powerful, one touch, location search and navigation service that knows what to show you based on where you are and which direction you’re already headed.

GDL & Expense Reports

Simply tag your trips and generate reports. Take the effort out of creating expense reports and Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) logs.

Azuga Insight—The Road Usage Charge App

Take your driving insights with you. Download the Azuga Insight App!

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Built By Auto Experts

With 30+ years in the automotive electronics industry, we are an experienced partner with a proven track record of delivering connected car solutions. Our expertise goes a lot further than simply providing software—our products are designed to collect data from vehicles, which we translate into actionable information to increase driver safety and awareness.

Complete Control
Azuga gives you the power and Insight to capture and review your driving and vehicle information via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Create Safe Driving Habits
Azuga will inform you about your driving style and help you become a safer driver.

Insurance Savings
Benefit from your safe driving and save on insurance.

Location Tracking
Enjoy peace of mind when your teen hits the road. Provide better care for the elderly driver in your life.

Vehicle Health
Get a virtual look into your vehicle’s health, explained in language you can understand.

Save Money
Save money by spending less on fuel, repairs and insurance.

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