Remote Emissions Testing

Skip The Line With Remote Commercial Vehicle Emissions Testing

In addition to handling your Road Use Charge needs, Azuga can now take care of your DEQ too!
(For vehicles registered inside DEQ Medford/Ashland and Portland-Metro boundaries only)

States are Choosing Azuga

State governments are often the most demanding customers. They have high standards and, sometimes, special requirements. Not everyone can make the grade. That’s why Oregon, California and Colorado selected Azuga for their road usage charge pilot programs. Azuga is helping states streamline the process of paying for road maintenance by charging vehicle owners for actual road use, instead of through fuel taxes. With an eye on these first few projects, other states are pursuing pilots of their own. Many are talking to Azuga.


How to skip a trip to the DEQ

Sign Up

Volunteer for the Oregon Road Usage Charge Program with Azuga as your account manager. 
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Enroll in Azuga Remote Emissions Service

Provide your registration expiration date, accept the terms, and receive our FREE testing service to pave your way for convenient, automatic emissions checks.

Just Drive

Azuga Insight collects your emissions data for you during your everyday errands

Steps to Emissions Testing Freedom using Azuga Insight

  1. Join Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program and select Azuga Insight as your account manager.
  2. Sign in to your online Azuga Insight customer portal.
  3. On the Emissions tab, click “Enroll in Azuga Remote Emissions Service” next to the vehicle name.
  4. Enter the current DMV vehicle registration expiration date and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Drive! Your emissions data will be collected automatically.
  6. When it is time to submit your data (within 90 days of your registration renewal date)
    • Sign in to Azuga Insight
    • On the Emissions tab, select the vehicle you wish to test
    •  Click the “Send Data” button
    •  Check your results by visiting and entering your license plate number.
  7. If the DEQ determines you pass, you can renew registration online with Oregon DMV.

Azuga’s Remote Emissions Service allows participants in the Oregon Road Usage Charge Program, OReGO, an easy, automated way to complete their Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) emissions check using Azuga Insight

No more taking time out of your busy schedule to drive to a Clean Air Station and wait in line! Complete your emissions check in the comfort of your home and at your convenience with the tap of a finger.

Azuga is authorized to collect and transmit your vehicle’s emissions data to the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)™.

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Requirements for Azuga Remote Emissions Service

  • Azuga OBDII device
  • Active participant in Oregon Road Usage Charge Program (OReGO).
  • Vehicle registered in Oregon
  • Vehicle has an electronic vehicle identification number (eVIN) stored in the vehicle’s onboard computer and able to be reported electronically via the OBDII port. Most 2005 and newer vehicles, as well as some pre-2005 vehicles, are eVIN-capable.

Volunteer for OReGO and receive Azuga Insight connected car services for FREE!

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Not interested in the Oregon Road Usage Charge Program but want to take advantage of Azuga’s Remote Emissions Service?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know when it’s available to other Oregon drivers.

You don’t have to be an OReGO participant to use the DEQ too test method; but since you already have the Azuga device, it’s the most convenient method. Azuga does not have an exclusive arrangement with the DEQ or DEQ too to provide this service.
The DEQ does not endorse Azuga over any other provider.

Learn more about the connected-car features Azuga Insight offers to Oregon’s RUC Pilot Program participants.

Accurate and official

Azuga Insight collects the same type of data from your car that the Oregon DEQ receives from your car at a Clean Air Station.

Rule your vehicle’s health

Azuga’s Vehicle Health feature allows you to decode your Check Engine light and avoid difficulty passing emissions.

Anytime, anywhere

Complete your emissions test for DMV registration renewal or just because. Simply allow stickers time for shipping.

Connect with your car

Azuga Insight provides several additional features such as Driver Score, Badges, parking beacon, and trip logs.

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